Holy Family Room


Holy Family Primary School is located in the heart of a newly redeveloped area of Kidbrooke, South East London. With just small reading corners in each classroom, a disused IT suite located in the very centre of the school was crying out to be repurposed as a whole-school library space.

Following a visit from the Acorn Book Club team and numerous meetings with the Senior Leadership Staff at Holy Family, it was agreed that the project qualified for full charity funding and was lucky enough to be chosen as ABC's pro-bono project of the year. The pupils of the Junior Leadership Team carefully considered their design, and a 'beach oasis' theme was born!

Dave Benstead, the school's very talented premises manager, hand-built a wooden raised platform beach hut for the children to climb up to and relax, complete with a seated hideaway reading space underneath! A storytelling chair, cushions for relaxing on, signed author books, and twinkling window coverings complete the look to create a sanctuary for the pupils to enjoy.


Holy Family People


The library's relaxing tropical beach and ocean theme has an incredible seascape wall vinyl, transporting the children to a paradise, worlds away from Central London.

Our John Payne, Blackheath, and Lee-based offices collected over 1,000 pre-loved books for the children to choose from, plus some brand-new inclusive books were purchased with donations made to the charity from our generous sponsors.

Guests at the launch event include local councillor for Greenwich, Dave Sullivan, local author Ramya Julian, and several members from The Acorn Group, who are ABC's primary financial sponsors. Director at The Acorn Group, Paul Deveney, said, 'It's a privilege to support such a deserving school; you can see from the children's faces how much they are going to enjoy this space.'



If you know of a school that needs a new library, why not get in touch With Acorn Book Club? With the support of the local community and generous fundraisers, they are truly able to change the lives of young children.


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